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St Andrew's, Whareama

West end of the church, from the road.

St Andrew's Anglican Church at Whareama sits proudly at the intersection of the Blairlogie-Langdale and Homewood Roads.

Church, showing porch and window detailing

After serving the Whareama community for 100 years, the church has recently had significant repair and restoration work done, ready for the next 100 years.  This view shows the west end and porch.

The stone Baptismal Font, now installed in the garden beside the church porch.

Beautiful detailing in the bell tower.

View of the church from the road
The altar, showing the wood-paneled sanctuary

Stained glass behind the altar (east end), presented by Mrs Morrison

In 1901, with services being held in the Whareama schoolroom - where they were running out of room - a committee formed to build a church on a narrow strip at the junction of the Langdale and East Coast roads, on a site donated by Mrs Jessie Morrison.

The Diocesan Architect, Frederick de Jersey Clere, who had designed the Church of the Good Shepherd at Tinui, was commissioned to prepare plans for the new church, to sit 70 people. Tenders were called and the contract let to Mr C E Daniell.

Laying the foundation stone

Laying the foundation stone.
The Rev J C Andrew is in the left, with the Rev John Sykes beside him - 01-25/

In front of a very large gathering of friends and subscribers, the Rev J C Andrew laid the foundation stone on 24 October 1903.

Afternoon tea after laying the foundation stone - 90-017-510

The church was dedicated on 26 January 1904. The Rev J H Sykes took the service and the sermon preached by the Rev J C Andrew.  Miss Katie Morrison played the organ.

Congregation outside the church after the opening - 90-017/509

The Rev. J C Andrew

The Rev John Henry Sykes

Katie Morrison, organist - 01-25/

On 18 September 1904 the Rev Sykes remarked:
Very wet day, Only 7 present (no collection). 
And on 11 December
Fine day. Large congregation. No music
 On 8 January 1905
Church nearly full. Singing very bad indeed

The completed church - 05-39/P-C-3-4.R14B9S4

The church was built at a cost of £400. Built to hold a congregation of 100 (but with seating for 70 at the time of the opening) the church had a nave of 30ft by 20ft, the sanctuary apse 14 ft by 12 ft, a porch of 8 ft by 8 ft, vestry of 10ft by 7 ft. The building was completed with a 50ft spire, with a weather vane. The roof was tiled with Marseilles tiles.

The interior was finished in oiled rimu, and C E Daniell also made the lectern and prayer desk.

View of the church in 1905 - 01-25/

The church was consecrated by Bishop Frederick Wallis on 28 January 1906, with the church full to overflowing.

Parishioners outside church, with the Rev. A J Stewart, 1949 - 01-25/

St Andrew's, Whareama is part of the Anglican Parish of Tinui.

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Services:  Communion is held on the 4th Sunday of each month, at 10 am.

The church is available for weddings.

Contact:  Rev'd Steve Thompson, Priest-in-Charge, Phone 06 372 3877

Historical photos: Wairarapa Archives
Church history: Souvenir Story of the Church of the Good Shepherd 1902-2001 (Pauline Stilborn)


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