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St Andrew's, Martinborough

The Anglican Church of St Andrew, in Dublin Street, Martinborough, was built in 1883 by William Benton and designed by Frederick de Jersey Clere. It has a Category II heritage listing, number 1313.

The church is typical of Clere's country designs - economical and simple wooden structures with pointed arches and interesting roof trusses and belfries.

Buttresses were added to the church after a gale in 1925 shifted the church off its foundations, with parishioners inside at a service.

St Andrew's from the church's 'east end', looking towards Dublin Street.

St Andrew's was named at the suggestion of John and Henrietta Martin, who were important benefactors of the church.

John Martin, 1822-1892

The Cyclopedia of New Zealand, 1897 says -
[The] Church of England, Martinborough, is a wooden building that was considerably enlarged in the beginning of 1896, and is now one of the finest little wooden churches in the district. Services are held every Sunday by the Rev. A. V. Grace, assisted by lay readers. There is a good choir under the leadership of Mr. Lee.

The church has stained glass windows (not shown) which were installed in 1950 as a memorial to the dead of the two World Wars.

St Andrew's is part of the Anglican Parish of South Wairarapa, and is located in Dublin Street, Martinborough (map).

Archdeacon May Croft is the Vicar.

Contact: phone 06 3069-451 (office) or email

Further information is available on the Parish website


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